Nomeação IBA Brazil

The Iron Butt Association is happy to announce that effective May 10, 2021, Andre Carrazzone Neto is going to take over IBA operations in Brazil of the newly formed IBA Brazil.

In early 2020, due to postage hikes on international mail, shipments from the USA to Brazil have become prohibitively expensive and thanks to Covid-19 nearly 40% of packages shipped to Brazil have been stranded or lost in the mail system (they are somewhere, but no one can explain where).

To solve what has become an impossible problem, Andre has spent the last several months working with South America companies to produce locally sourced custom IBA merchandise, he has been learning the various IBA systems and already deep into the ride certification process (many of you will be hearing from him in the coming weeks).  This has been no small task.

As we work through the 2020 back log, please allow him some time to get those ride certifications sorted out. 

Do NOT resubmit your ride, they are being moved over to his control but it will take several weeks to get caught up. 

The new IBA Brazil web site, obviously built in Portuguese, is located at:

While there, you might want to check out their extensive Youtube channel.

Please extend our congratulations to Andre and his team of volunteers.

Michael Kneebone